Athletes wishing to fill any open spots on the USA C/K Marathon Canoe/Kayak World Team must petition the MSD (the team selectors - Ann Blanchard at, Jason Quagliata at and Pete Smith at with a copy to Joe Shaw at by June 30, 2012. The petition will include a detailed written proposal outlining how the athlete/s will conduct a time trial which will be complete by July 30, 2012 for the event they wish to qualify.

All proposals must include details regarding:

1) When and where the time trial will occur and and an exact course description of the proposed time trial. The trial must occur over the same distance as the event the athlete/s wish to enter. The distance must consist of 4.3 kilometer laps and a portage in every lap of at least 150 meters.

2) The name of a certified USACK/ICF who has agreed to be present during the time trial (who is not the coach or relative of the athlete).

3) The type of GPS the athlete will use to provide a readout of the laps completed and time in which the athlete/s completed the course to the MSD.
  • If the MSD approves the petition, the athlete must complete the time trial and provide the GPS readout and certification of the official to the MSD within one week of the time trial. 
  • All approved time trials must be completed by July 30, 2012.
  • In the unlikely event two athletes/boats complete their time trial with identical results, the MSD reserves the right to require a tie-breaker event or not send either boat if a tie-breaker event is not practicable.
At the conclusion of the 2012 Marathon Trials, the following slots remain unfilled:
  • Sr. Men K-1 (one spot)
  • Sr. Women K-1 (2 spots)
  • Sr. Men K-2 (2 spots)
  • Sr. Women K-2 (1 spot)
  • Sr. Men C-1 (1 spot)
  • Sr. Men C-2 (2 spots)
  • Junior Men K-2 (1 spot)
  • Junior Women K-1 (2 spots)
  • Junior Women K-2 (2 spots)